10 Landing Page Essentials

10 Landing Page Essentials

You’ve worked hard on building an awesome product. Your services are top notch and you have an awesome brand and shiny new website. You know you should have tons of new customers signing up, but why do your prospects still seem so confused?

Your landing page...

Even with an awesome product or amazing service, prospects need to learn and understand how what you have will help them. By creating a persuasive landing page, you can connect with your visitors, craft a compelling offer, and create a sense of urgency that drives prospects to take action.

When creating your landing page, make sure you have these 10 essentials in place:

1. Have A Strong Headline

One of the most important pieces of copy on the entire landing page is the headline. Always take time to craft a headline that resonates with your prospect and ask yourself - “Does this headline trigger a strong, actionable emotion that the reader already has related to this subject?”

2. Tell a Compelling Story

Share a compelling story about how your solutions will address the problems, needs, or desires of your prospects. Mention the history of your products, examples of existing customers, and how prospects will benefit from your offering. By telling a story, your prospects will have a chance to empathize with your solution and gain a new perspective while discovering insights, inspiration, and desire.

3. Use Concise Bullet Points

Bullet points are a fantastic way to unveil the internals of your offer. They show the prospect exactly what the details are, outlined in a clear, measurable format. Keep your bullets short, engaging, and ordered with higher value items first.

4. “Wow” People

You’ll most likely have a measurable outcome that your products and services will achieve for your target customers. When sharing this outcome, don’t just give people a basic explanation - “wow” people. Most people buy based on what excites them or entices them to make a change. To trigger a deep desire, showcase an extreme example or exaggeration of what the results could be.

5. Show Social Proof

People are influenced by psychological phenomenons, social proof being one of them. When you include testimonials, case studies, or metrics surrounding results your products or services achieved, people will naturally assume that there is some truth behind it. Showcase your community, existing customers, and examples of how other people got the results your prospects want.

6. Connect to Desires

Great landing pages don’t just describe how a product or service will solve a customer’s problem, they connect to how it will fulfill a desire. Prospects want more than a solution, they want to fulfill their inner desire. By connecting to that desire, even in a small way, you can make a big impact.

7. Make it Responsive

“The latest data shows that we are now well past the tipping point. Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%).” Creating a landing page that works on mobile is absolutely critical in today’s digital presence. Use CSS media queries, reduce your assets on mobile, and make your copy readable across devices.

8. Create a Sense of Urgency

This one is big. Prospects need to feel urgency to act. Your landing page should almost act as a rollercoaster that builds anticipation, creates tension, then prompts the prospect to take immediate action. Create a “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out). People who truly see value in your offer may still be skeptical that now is the best time to buy. By prompting them to act quickly before it’s too late, they’ll have to get over doubts and make a decision.

9. Avoid Including Navigation

Your landing page should be focused. It’s not meant to allow users to navigate elsewhere, it’s meant to keep them engaged in a compelling offer that they can take action on. Avoid navbars, tabs, or fancy widgets. Keep it focused on the value.

10. Include a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Use 2-5 call to action buttons on your landing page that will prompt the user to do something. Most often this will be a “Sign Up Here”, “Buy Now”, or “Learn More” button. Make sure the button is big, high contrast, and clearly located on the center or right of the page.

The Absolute Essentials

While the 10 points above are essential to a great landing page, you absolutely need to get these right:

Who is your offer for? What’s the story of your ideal customer and how will your offer appeal to them?

What is your offer? What is the exact value that you’re products and services provide to customers. Often it’s not the products and services that customers are after, but the “results” or what your products and services can achieve.

Why are you offering this product or service? Is it better than other products out there? What’s the change or impact you want to have on your customers?

Why Now? What’s the reason someone should take action today on your offer? What will they miss if they don’t buy your products or services?

Where? Make it clear where customers will be going. They are reading your offer because you have a destination that they would like to arrive at. Maybe it’s a faster workflow or a more enjoyable morning. Identify the destination that your products and services promote and guide them to that result.

Customers are complex. They have a combination of problems, wants, needs, and desires. Although, you’ll most likely want to create multiple landing pages to discover what truly resonates with your ideal customer, make sure you have the essentials in place to start getting results.